Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A couple of pictures

The site from the road.

A late update.

So, long time and no blogging.
Things have been a little hectic but we have been diligently working behind the scenes trying to get things sorted out ready to start building.

First we selected our kit supplier and initially worked on a standard design from them.
Eventually we changed a few things, and then we changed the whole internal layout.
The kit supplier was happy to make these changes with only a little cost impact but it set us thinking we were trying to work within their envelope and it just wasn’t quite what we wanted.
So we have now drawn out our own design and sent that to two more kit suppliers to see what sort of prices they come up with.

We have also been interviewing and selecting an Architect.
We feel that is someone we need onboard to help with the planning application, the building warrant and to hold everything together.
We have selected one of the 3 people we met and he seems amiable and flexible and is going to work on a fixed price for the work we have asked him to do.
He has also given us an hourly rate for anything extra we ask for – fair enough, at least we know where we stand.

We have arranged a Topographical survey of the site and received the drawing today.
That is the one that shows all the site levels so the architect can layout the plot and agree the depth of the septic tank and drains etc.
We also have the details for the road connection which is quite involved.  This will help us get quotes from civil contractors for the road bit.
Of course this is also our first real cost (after the plot) and the first invoice.  Just over £500 if anyone is interested.

Purchase of the plot is progressing and we have more or less agreed everything that needs doing.
We have also applied for water and electric connections but are still waiting the quotes for these.

We were probably being a little presumptive in hoping we would be on site and ready to start in April.
It looks like it will be a little later than that

As we still haven’t decided on the house design so the architect can’t do the drawings for the planning permission.
Planning could take another 2 months, followed by building warrant which could be another 2 months!!
Time marches on as we are already part way into February.

We will do our best to give more frequent updates in the future, promiseJ
Just to whet the appetite are a couple of photos of the bare site and the view we hope to have from the front room window