Friday, 29 July 2011

septic tank

When Iain wasn't running round trying to keep the builders happy he has been concreting the septic tank in with a little help from me.

blockwork finished

It was amazing how fast 2 professional builders can work what would have taken us weeks has been done in less than 3 weeks.

The slates for the roof have been ordered and we are fitting those ourselves so might take a while.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


We finally decided that we needed help on the blockwork. We want the outside to be finished before winter and Iain with the little help I can give him just physically can't do it all so we went looking for a builder.
We asked a couple of neighbours for recommendations and got 1 name from them both with a back up if he was too busy. We had already rung one builder who was going to call in sometime, we rang the 2 we got from neighbours, Chris turned up when he said he would (big plus) and got a quote to us within a week. 6 weeks later we are still waiting for either of the other 2 builders to turn up just to look at the job and give us a quote.
Chris started on Monday, Iain is running round trying to keep one step in front of them. David did a lot yesterday as we were in Aberdeen at our niece's graduation. Today I've been mixing concrete and tonight I'm going to help move blocks again.
The progress made is quite amazing to us as none professionals :-)
This is Chris' helper and this was Monday.
And this is today!!