Friday, 27 August 2010


After waiting 4 months to get our wayleave from the Lairg Estate Manager, Scottish and Southern Electric can't connect us until the 28th September!!!!!!!

Friday, 20 August 2010


David has dug out the driveway, laid taram matting and then spread the hardcore, so we now have a driveway that delivery people can use.
Iain has finished wiring the barn, installed water to the barn and connected the water tank.
We have a signed wayleave........So now we wait for the electric board to come and dig a trench and get us all connected. Then Iain can turn the barn on, and we can have freezer, tumble drier, an extra fridge and possibly a washing machine.
The nice building warrant man is on holiday for 2 weeks, so there will be no progress on that for at least a fortnight, but we can start sourcing all the building supplies we need for the foundations.
So progress has been made but no building warrant yet!


This was the start of the driveway.

This is the taram matting going down.

The almost finished driveway!!

Friday, 13 August 2010

Building Warrant

We put the building warrant in at the beginning of July, the architect received a letter with queries which he duly answered.
This morning another letter has arrived with a list of queries as the first answers didn't quite answer the building officers questions.
So it'll be another couple of weeks while the information is gathered and sent to him and he reads through it, etc.
In the meantime it is moving towards winter, and we haven't even started the foundations. Also we can't start the digging to install a septic tank, so still no indoor toilet :-(
Still even though we are still on a 200mtr extension cable to the neighbours for electric, we do have our very own water supply.

Saturday, 7 August 2010


We've had family to stay for the last 2 weeks. Our son and fiancee with bump for the first week, they stayed in the caravan and of course had a go with the digger. Then my sister and partner with 3 poodles the second week in their tent.
The major event for the build is that the water is now fully connected, so we have mains water to our caravan. The electric will take a little longer, we've changed the route of the electric as the manager of the estate still hasn't signed the wayleave for Scottish & Southern Electric, so we're going through a neighbours garden and along the road to the gate. We (Iain) will have to run a cable up to the gate to connect to the meter. Iain has the barn all wired ready for when our electric is connected.
We still haven't got our building warrant but we can level the ground ready to dig the foundations. So hopefully won't be long now.
We've been on a couple of nice walks with 4 dogs and visited John O'Groats (twice). So had a nice couple of weeks playing tourist.