Wednesday, 29 September 2010


We have our own electric as of yesterday, so we have a freezer, tumble drier, heaters and electric kettle :-)
It's really good having electric, the freezer is on, we bought ice cream at the shop today, a priority for Iain :-)
Mum, David and I are going to Inverness shopping tomorrow and hopefully we won't have to do a major shop for a couple of weeks, just locally for fresh produce.

The building warrant could have been this week but when the architect had answered the questions the officer had he sent them to the wrong council office. Iain arranged with the architect to produce a copy and sent me to pick them up from them, which meant an hour from here to Dingwall then up to Golspie to the council offices, luckily with Mum and Dad visiting this week I had company for the 2 and a half hour round trip.
We should find out Monday if we have a building warrant or not, our building warrant officer isn't based here, he's filling in for someone and is only in Golspie from Monday pm to Wednesday midday!
Fingers crossed.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

building warrant

Still no building warrant. We had to wait for the foundation guy to answer a question, which he did on Friday. Iain phoned the council and the Building Warrant person won't be in until Monday afternoon.
Apparently there is another time zone in Scotland, 'Highland time'