Monday, 27 February 2012


The bathrooms have arrived! Iain has been busy finishing off the insulation in the roof and sorting the plumbing so he can order the rest of the plumbing stuff we need.
We have an electrician who has been to look round and is hopeful that he'll have the wires in so that we can put plasterboard on at the end of March. Our friends Dave & Jill are coming for a week again at the end of March ;-)
The nights are getting lighter so hopefully things will progress more quickly now.
The cooker will be getting ordered this week now the chimney specs are all sorted, Chris the builder will be coming sometime to remove a section of the timber frame and fill it in with blockwork so we can put the cooker flush with the units instead of it sticking out by 2 or more inches (50mm or more for the ones that understand mm).
The woodburning stove is all sourced but as the flue can't go at the angle required to get out the dummy chimney and needs to go straight out of the roof, we need revised planning permission so the architect has submitted a drawing to the planners. The stove is on hold until we receive that.
Things are starting to move but it's still very slowly.