Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Taping, Electrics and outside!

The electrician has been and cut the holes for the lights and sockets so we now have wires everywhere.
They also did red chalk lines all over the ceilings. The grey padding in the middle is the insulation cover off the heat store.
This is the heat store it had to be moved so the electricians could get into the cupboard.
This is the cupboard the heatstore is going to be in. We took the opportunity to paint a sealant on the floor while it was out.
This was the first day of taping where they put the tape on and one coat of plaster.
While the decorators were doing the taping and the weather was good. Iain put the dry verge on as well as tidying the ends of the eaves.
This is day 2 where they put a second coat of plaster on. As you can see it is just on the seams and over the nails.

This is the last day where they have done the third coat, sanded it all and sealed it.
Now the 2 rooms can be painted and used as storage for the kitchen units so the decorators can come and tape the kitchen. Then we can start upstairs.
There is still a lot to do but progress has been made.