Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Progress is being made but not real visible progress. The small pieces of wood called dwangs that go between the joists are now fitted, the insulation is inside the walls and the stairwell has been cut out. So lots of work and now it's ready for the plumbing and wiring to start. Although the insulation needs to be put into the roof first fix is more important at the moment. The builders have been back to finish the blockwork round the front windows. So outside is finished for the moment and work continues inside.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Front Window

We've been away for nearly 3 weeks in the last month, we went to a conference and from there went across to Scarborough for Dad's 80th birthday party :-)

This photo is from 5th October.
Iain has been working really hard finishing the roof, it doesn't look any different apart from the slate on the sides of the Dormer windows but he's done all the lead flashing.

This photo is before they put the window in.
Our plasterboard was delivered and left in our neighbours barn so we moved that up to the house before the weekend and on Monday this week Iain and Paul put the front window and door in.

Chris the builder will be coming to finish off the blockwork round the window and that's the outside finished for the winter and we will be getting started on the plumbing and wiring soon.