Wednesday, 31 August 2011


When the slates arrived we were busy with the soakaway so slight delay in getting started then the digger conked out again so while the battery charged Iain started marking out for the slates.
Iain put a half slate on first then a full slate over the top for the first row and to help me put them on he made a jig but holding the jig, the slate and the nail wasn't really too good for me.
The jig has a lip at the bottom to line up on that slate and you place the next slate at the top!

As you can see I'm not good with a hammer.
Anyway at this point, I'd only put 8 slates on I decided they weren't straight.

Iain checked the row I'd done and agreed not straight, so we took off the 8 slates and put them back on, then took them off again. After some measuring and checking it was decided none of it was right and we took them all off.
Then using a chalk line Iain set off putting the first double row back on but it still wasn't right. The place Iain was measuring from was the fascia but it's not straight!
So we then measured from the ridge line down and found we were 10 mil adrift because of the fascia, off came the slates and now we are sure it's straight.

Iain is doing the slating now we've moved to the boards on the roof, not so sure I'm as good at balancing.

Friday, 5 August 2011


So the slates for the roof have finally arrived today.  Major buying decison - Welsh, Spanish, Brazilian, Chinese, or Canadian. We have eventually decided on Spanish but ours are called Caledonian Heavies as they are 2-3mm thicker than normal slates, the extra weight helping in our exposed location.
So 5000 slates, 10,000 nails - someone is going to busy next week!