Friday, 27 January 2012

photos of inside

Some of the plumbing.

 Upstairs Bedroom

 Bedroom above the kitchen
Loft with ventilation ducting.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Progress is being made but slowly as it all seems to be one step forward and two back at the moment. Iain has got the first part of the plumbing done but needs to know what bathroom we are getting to continue with that, he is at the moment doing the neverending job of insulation in the roof.
We have decided to see if an electrician is expensive compared to the cost of Iain doing the work and having to bring a family member up from Scarborough to certify it. Getting an electrician is not easy though, if they are good at what they do they are very very busy!
We went to Inverness and went bathroom shopping which proved to be more expensive than either of us thought. So after that shock had worn off I spent a couple of days sourcing it all online and have just about found everything at half the price so when Iain has checked over the list to make sure what I've found will fit/work and everything is on the list then we can get it ordered.
Iain has been talking to a company about the chimney spec for the Esse cooker, so that can be ordered soon and we need to talk to the company who priced the kitchen we would like to see if the price can be discounted any further.
It is all coming together slowly, lots of decisions to be made that aren't quick decisions and as we are having a weeks holiday in Spain with our friends at their house we don't want deliveries until we come back.
Although the ordering can certainly be done as soon as possible especially the cooker which has a six to eight week lead time.