Monday, 10 October 2011

Underfloor heating

The roof isn't completely finished but enough that Iain can leave it and start on the underfloor heating.
All the tools had to be put upstairs, which doesn't have a floor yet but enough boards to make it a useful storage area. Then the floors swept so Iain could start laying the insulation.
The joints were taped up, then a plastic cover put on before Iain started with the strips that gripped the pipes.

Then the pipes could be laid and stapled.

When all the pipes were laid and connected Iain filled the system with water and pressure tested it.

After all this was done it was time for the nice people at Screedflo to come and fill the rooms with self leveling liquid screed.

When the roof is completely finished and the floors are fully dry it will be time to start on the inside, plumbing, wiring, bathrooms, stairs, kitchen!