Saturday, 24 July 2010

massey ferguson 50H

We bought a Massey Ferguson 50H digger second hand in April ready for the build. It ran out of diesel and being old, Iain had to bleed it, then the battery went flat, thanks to a neighbour's jump leads we got it started again.
Then it had a flat tyre.
Then the ring gear had so many teeth missing it wouldn't start, so it's had a new ring main(apparently this is a ring gear not main:-)) and starter motor.
Now a linkage plate has bent, so the blacksmith is coming tomorrow hopefully.
Only trouble is, Iain has dug a trench across the only way in for the man to clean the portaloo so if we don't get the digger started, it looks like we'll be filling it in by hand.
But it does the job :-)

Monday, 19 July 2010

pictures of the water trench

This is the trench for the water pipe, hopefully Iain will get the pipe laid when the otherside has drained.

pictures of the caravan

This is the caravan insitu. With path and gate. We had it sited so the doors face the croft and barn, and Iain has put a skirt round so it should be warmer in winter!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Our Caravan arriving on site.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

life in a caravan

We've been living on site since the end of May, and life in a static caravan takes some getting used to, especially the portaloo.
We are waiting for our building warrant and until we receive that we can't put the septic tank in, so we have a portaloo. Which seems fine for the summer, but today in North Scotland it's blowing a gale and raining.......
The water is connected, but we're having trouble with the electric. We have a wayleave to put services in across the estate, but the electric board doesn't have a wayleave so that's what we're waiting for. Thanks to our brilliant neighbour we are not without electric totally, just never had a 200 metre extension before.
My feet are cold, it's July and I have cold feet. This does not bode well for winter.
The caravan also steams up, doesn't seem to have enough storage, and with the microwave in the kitchen there's no worktop space.
On the plus side, there's room for our server, suitcases, we can swing a cat in our bedroom. The lounge has plenty of space even with the dog crate.
The campsite in the village has a laundry that I can use, so washing is sorted, even if the rotary clothes line pole bent in the wind!!
So life in a caravan is okay :-)