Saturday, 24 July 2010

massey ferguson 50H

We bought a Massey Ferguson 50H digger second hand in April ready for the build. It ran out of diesel and being old, Iain had to bleed it, then the battery went flat, thanks to a neighbour's jump leads we got it started again.
Then it had a flat tyre.
Then the ring gear had so many teeth missing it wouldn't start, so it's had a new ring main(apparently this is a ring gear not main:-)) and starter motor.
Now a linkage plate has bent, so the blacksmith is coming tomorrow hopefully.
Only trouble is, Iain has dug a trench across the only way in for the man to clean the portaloo so if we don't get the digger started, it looks like we'll be filling it in by hand.
But it does the job :-)

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