Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Living in Scotland rain was to be expected, but I have to say we expected to have the timber frame up by now. The building warrant took 3 months longer than expected which has been the main delay.
The delay of course has caused mortgage issues, as in it's now been 6 months since we were awarded the mortgage and as we have not completed the foundations they were going to restart the mortgage application from scratch, but they have given us 1 months grace!
So now we are on a deadline to get the foundations finished so a valuer can come and then the first draw down of the mortgage can happen. Only it keeps raining. Iain has had difficulty lining up the blocks as the footings aren't exactly level, thanks to advice from a family member that was solved and he started the blockwork, but we don't know how to work in the rain, with the trenches flooding. Any suggestions would be welcome at this stage!
We also need a porch on the caravan to store the boots and coats, it is very muddy onsite now. We had a nice drive and a gravel path to the caravan but the concrete wagon put great ruts in the drive and so now it's muddy and wet!
At least while it's raining it's not freezing :-)

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