Friday, 4 February 2011


Not much has been happening because we have been away for a few days. Iain has been working on the digger, not with the digger. The starter (the bit the key goes in) has given up so we have a new one on order.
He hasn't been able to work on the roof as the winds have been too strong. Last night part of the gable end came part way down, so Iain and Paul have been up and removed it properly and the nails.
One of the large packs of insulation came out of the croft and hit the caravan so Iain had to go take that to the barn. We have a spare portaloo in case they can't get here to empty ours, and it blew over in the wind.
The caravan is fine and so are we.
Hopefully tomorrow will be fine so the roof building can proceed as scheduled. Sam is due to come down with his telescopic forklift and our scaffold tower arrived yesterday so fingers crossed the weather will be okay.

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  1. we have around 10,000 portable toilets out on hire. I can tell you, you weren't the only one who's loo blew over in those winds! GGrrrr :(