Thursday, 23 August 2012

Summer update

We've not had a bad summer in Scotland which is good but our tapers (painters & decorators) have too many outside jobs and will get to us when it's bad weather. We do have enough to do but it may cause more delays as it has already lost us a week.
The house is now fully plasterboarded. The electricians have been and cut the holes for lights and sockets. Downstairs is now fully taped, the kitchen is painted, the downstairs bathroom & airing cupboard are yet to do. The lounge will have to wait until we get it emptied. The stairs, skirting boards, doors with frames, architrive and window sills arrived today so all of that with the kitchen units and worktops the lounge is pretty full.
We went to Inverness and collected the slate for the kitchen floor this week so today Iain has sorted them and sealed half the floor (the Esse cooker is in the kitchen so can only do half at a time). I've been washing them ready for them to be sealed. The slate has to be sealed twice, first to stop the grout soaking into them and then again when finished. So I guess the floor is going to take a while.
After the slate is down Iain can start fitting the kitchen and sort the (complicated) plumbing from the Esse to the tank. While I get on with painting and varnishing.
Our House Martins have all fledged so when the builder comes he'll be able to take the nests down to render. I think we need to put something up to stop them from coming back next year I didn't realise what a mess they make. They nested on the end of the barn last year so hopefully that's where they'll go next year.

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