Wednesday, 7 November 2012


The time came at the weekend to test the plumbing! Iain turned the water on, then off again, fixed the first leak and then turned the water back on.
The second OOPS came when the upstairs toilet was test flushed and promptly emptied through the light holes of the living room. A joint in the waste pipe had come apart when fitting the toilet but second test worked fine.
The last leak was a pipe at the very top of the tank, so 1000 litres of water to empty out before it could be soldered. It took long enough to fill the tank and longer still to empty it.
Iain is now working on getting the chimney up for the Esse cooker/boiler and there are a few steps to go through before we can light it, such as putting the water tank back that he had to move in the roof to be able to get to the chimney in a very tight space.
The electrician arrived today and both bedrooms and the landing now have sockets and lights. Hopefully tomorrow he'll get downstairs done, then it will be back to waiting for the electric company to come and transfer the electric to the house, then panic while we work out how to get power back to the caravan.
Moving into the house will be as soon as we have hot water and power. We already have a working toilet
We also have a new bed coming thanks to Mum and Dad, which is very much appreciated.

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