Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Living in the house

I was thinking it will be so much easier living in the house while we finish it. Well it is but.....
moving stuff from the caravan is now more urgent because with no heating in the caravan it is going damp and musty. The bedroom floor is nearly covered in stuff before long I think we'll have a path to the bed only. I've only seen the breakfast bar surface once and that was before we moved in.
I know it will take time especially as Iain is now frantically cutting wood and trying to keep up with the Esse which still doesn't get hot enough to boil a kettle, but it will boil potatoes and cook a chicken. The range has heated the heatstore we have plenty of hot water, the underfloor heating in the rooms we've turned it on is being turned down as we're too hot, same with the heating in the bedroom.
Having spent 2+ years in a caravan where no matter how high you turn the heating up it never gets warm and your feet are always frozen, it's amazing to be too warm, to take your jumper off and have warm feet.
The sorting of stuff and putting away will come together eventually, and skirting boards, window sills and architreve will get fitted in time. For now we are warm and comfortable.

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