Thursday, 30 October 2014

Aerial Photos

We had the opportunity to purchase an aerial photo of our site, I have to say it makes us realise how much outside work we still have to do.

Since this photo was taken the caravan that we lived in for over 2 years has been sold so that cleared that space.
The digger broke down again in the middle of clearing a space for the new delivery of logs and with some drainage to finish off, but thanks to our fantastic mechanic, Tim it's up and running again.
When we get the office finished we can finally empty the storage caravan, which we have to dismantle. So not a lot left to do but the tasks aren't easy ones, especially the ground levelling.
There will be a lot of gardening to do next year and every year after.
This photo is the one taken from Lairg and is much nicer to look at.

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