Friday, 6 April 2012

Friends week with us

David & Jill came up to Sunny Scotland for a week and to help with the build. They arrived Saturday 24th March and started work on Sunday. The jobs to be done before putting up plasterboard was to put dwangs in place for the electrical back boxes.
The first dwang David put in, Iain used the nail gun to fix it into position BUT he shot David with the nail in the knee.
Luckily David was far enough away, it only glanced off and didn't leave a mark. So Iain was sort of forgiven.
After all the dwangs were put in and we had tidied up we could start plasterboarding, but not quite.
Dwangs then had to be put between the joists to fasten the plasterboard to.
Now plasterboard could go up.
We did finish the room and managed to move the extremely heavy heat store in from the drive too.
So more pictures to follow.

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