Friday, 20 April 2012


Iain and I have been putting up plasterboard in the kitchen and having done most of it Iain decided it was time to move the cooker in.
This is where it is going. The board behind is not plasterboard but superlux which is fireproof. Iain needed it in position so he could work out the plumbing before we put the plasterboard on the wall which is left in the picture.
This is the extremely heavy Esse cooker.
This is after the kitchen arrived. The cooker is in place but with it's box back over it. If we took delivery of the kitchen we would save 5% but of course now it is very much in the way, but as you can see the kitchen is plasterboarded.
So is the Utility room.
The above pic is the utility room.

So now we need a 'taper' but as usual having phoned 4 different ones, 2 didn't turn up and 2 didn't return my calls. Will try again after our week away training.
The living room is next then Iain can go back to plumbing and if we get someone to tape the plasterboard I can start priming and painting.

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